Cyndie (Married at first sight) as a couple: first revelations and message for her ex-husband Jauffrey

The experience Married at first sight 2022 was not really positive for Cyndie. If the M6 ​​program allowed her to make great encounters among the candidates, she did not find the man of her life in the person of Jauffrey, with whom she was 76% compatible. Even so, her romantic situation has changed since filming.

The beautiful beautician of 33 years is indeed no longer a heart to take as she confided during an interview for Entertainment TV. “Today, I lead my quiet little boat. I met someone, it’s very recent. It’s still very recent.We will see what it gives“, she revealed. Cyndie then wanted to send a short message to her former husband Jauffrey: “I wish that Jauffrey is happy and that I am the same. May everyone find peace and their soul mate.

If for several months, Cyndie and Jauffrey did not hear from each other, they ended up reconnecting at the start of the broadcast. “We ran the balance sheets separately. We got back in touch at the start of the broadcast, he wasn’t on the phone before, he wasn’t on the phone after (laughs). He’s not my enemy, he’s not my friend. We had the same extraordinary experience, we didn’t have the same expectations, that’s how it is. I’m disappointed I would have liked someone more ‘ready’, but that’s how it is, you have to get up“, she concluded.

For his part, Jauffrey recently revealed to our colleagues from TV Magazine that he had hadadventures“since the end of Married at first sight. But today, the great friend of Frédérick Bousquet and Florent Manaudou is still single.

Remember that, if they were very accomplices during their meeting on their wedding day in Gibraltar, the young woman quickly realized that her husband was not a man made for her. She notably criticized him for not being calm or not being interested in her during the honeymoon. She even doubted his sincerity. So many things that made him want to divorce. A divorce that finally allowed him to meet again…

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