Cyril Féraud as a couple? Jean-Luc Reichmann balances private information about his colleague

Would Cyril Féraud be in a relationship? In the 12 Coups de Midi this Saturday, May 27, Jean-Luc Reichmann balances private information about his colleague. Decryption.

You don’t change your good habits. Like every Saturday then, Jean-Luc Reichmann was at the helm of a new issue of 12 Coups de Midi on TF1 on May 27. A ship that he pilots in the company of Céline, happy Maître de midi who has been winning victories for several weeks. The tandem received on set Solène, a 27-year-old young woman from Meurthe-et-Moselle. The candidate indulged in a little confidence in such good company: she is secretly in love with Cyril Féraud. ““What do you find in him in Cyril ?”, hastened to ask him Jean-Luc Reichmann. “He has a very beautiful smile, he is very kind, he is radiant, he is handsome”, replied the young woman, stars in her eyes.

Nobody expected such a beautiful declaration of love on the set of 12 Coups de Midi. To start with Cyril Feraud. The host of the Champions Quiz will not, however, be able to respond favorably to Solène, according to Jean-Luc Reichmann. “I think he’s with someone. Do you know or not?”, retorted the latter. The candidate did not lose her morale, however: “It doesn’t matter, too bad!” And Jean-Luc Reichmann adds: He is busy. I saw it was in handbefore directly challenging his colleague: “Cyril, she’s in love with you!” For the rest, difficult to know more about the private life of Cyril Féraud…

Why Cyril Féraud does not like to talk about his private life

If there is one thing that bothers Cyril Feraud, it’s good that we talk about his private life. During his appearance on Buzz TV two years ago, the host revealed to have some “full ass” to attract curiosity because he never talks about his private life. “Drop the sneakers! I sued once in my life because being photographed at your father’s funeral is still zero degree of information… It’s something I don’t I didn’t digest at all. Being photographed with my crying mother in her arms, that’s it…F**k you!”, he swayed, furious. If the idea is who I sleep with, that’s my business. I think the day I get married, everyone will know.” Starting with Jean-Luc Reichmann!

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