Cyril Hanouna accused of "harassment" by TF1 after having (again) attacked Arthur: Femme Actuelle The MAG

For TF1, that's too much mockery. Monday January 4, 2021, Cyril Hanouna parodied one of the cult scenes of the film the professional in his show Do not touch My TV in order to defeat the program District Z, broadcast on TF1, which continues to see its audiences drop. Indeed, after having taken down the entertainment program many times at Arthur's initiative, Cyril Hanouna finally added a layer by posing as Ara Aprikian, the general manager in charge of the group's content. TF1, who would complain about the show's audiences. A parody deemed insulting to the front page, which immediately reacted by comparing this sequence to "bullying".

"Apparently, they are harassed. Freedom of speech does not speak to them"

Contacted by TV Magazine Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the first channel commented on the sequence in question with seriousness: "We are very attached to the right to parody and criticism. But we do not want our employees or employees to be the object of insults, threats or victims of harassment. It is high time that repeated warnings and sanctions, in particular from the CSA and the courts, led to a change in the behavior of Cyril Hanouna ". In the same answer, TF1 also have "invited the Endemol / Banijay group of which Cyril Hanouna and of which he is an administrator as well as the C8 channel to stop these acts of harassment characterized", can we read.

In a video posted on his Instagram account on Wednesday January 6, 2021, Cyril Hanouna in turn answered the front page: "They don't like people making parodies about them. Freedom of expression doesn't speak to them. The freedom to parody doesn't speak to them. Apparently we harass them", said the host of C8, qualifying the words of the competing chain of "pressure surge". To conclude, Cyril Hanouna wished to reassure his fans by saying that the show would never change course: "We will continue to make parodies. We will continue to make fun of all the shows. TPMP will always remain the broadcast of freedom of expression, of those who are forgotten who do not have a voice elsewhere, without tongue in cheek ". An answer that risks (re) adding fuel to the fire.

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