Cyril Hanouna: his incredible gift to Lou Pernaut, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay: Current Woman The MAG

The announcement of his departure in September 2020 had come as a shock to his millions of fans across France. But eventually, although he left the 13 Hours of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not intend to disappear from our screens! After taking a well-deserved vacation in the sun, the former newscast star migrated to LCI to present a brand new program called Jean-Pierre & You. In addition, the journalist launched his own streaming platform, called JPP TV. And of course, since he gave way to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, he has been in constant demand on television sets. On Wednesday January 20, 2021, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was therefore invited to Do not touch My TV with his wife Nathalie Marquay, recurring columnist for the C8.

Lou Pernaut soon to host Do not touch My TV ?

The show crew released footage of the transition between the two presenters of the 13 Hours, filmed on the set of TF1 in December 2020. The opportunity for Cyril Hanouna to make an unexpected revelation: “There may be a handover here soon… with your daughter!Faced with the amazement of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the host then reveals an interview with Lou Pernaut. The young woman – who recently celebrated her 18th birthday – explains that she is attracted to the job of a TV presenter. But nothing to do with the profession of his famous dad: “Direct a program like TPMP, that might be too cool. I would love to !", she confides to the camera. As soon as the magneto is finished, Cyril Hanouna offers Lou Pernaut an offer: “What is she doing on Friday? Does she want to do the first 20 minutes of the show? "

Nathalie Marquay, who seems to believe in yet another joke from the host, retorts that her daughter is not available on Friday nights because she is "at school". But Cyril Hanouna, determined to keep his promise, ensures: I take her at her word. I'll make him do half an hour of TPMP, I'll be his columnist… and I think we can laugh! " A very nice surprise which delighted the former Miss France. “Excellent, with great pleasure! It’s a great gift. She must be watching right now, because she knows we're here, she must be shaking! ", laughs Nathalie Marquay. And if Lou Pernaut accepts Cyril Hanouna's offer, she will obviously be able to count on the support of her mother on stage.

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