Cyril Hanouna reconciled with Squeezie? The host makes a foot call to the Youtubeur

Cyril Hanouna initiated a reconciliation with Squeezie in Touche pas à mon poste this Monday, on C8. The presenter congratulated him on his record broken this weekend at the GP Explorer.

Saturday, squeeze and his band of Youtuber friends met at Le Mans. The Twitch star was hosting a Formula 4 Grand Prix between 22 streamers – an event that broke records with 1 million views. Not possible for Cyril Hanouna to miss this buzz on the web. The king of Paf wanted to congratulate squeeze with a tweet. “Very very heavy what you did Squeezie I have 1000 people who called me live from there! Madness! Loud! You’ve got it all!”had declared Cyril Hanouna.

Words that surprised Internet users: squeeze had tackled Cyril Hanouna in 2016. Guest in Daily by Yann Barthesthe Twitch star was asked which person she no longer wants to see next year. “I don’t wait for 2017 to no longer see the people I no longer want to see”he had estimated. “Listen, I was told not to do it but … Cyril Hanouna. Come on, let’s go the clash!”he added with a smile. A sequence that Baba has not forgotten… but he is not resentful. Or almost.

Cyril Hanouna’s call to Squeezie

At the time, in 2017, Cyril Hanouna confessed that he would have “put a pie for that”. But today, the presenter takes a step back. “I congratulated him on Twitter. (…) Squeezie, my darling, I adore you, it’s great what you have done”, launched the king of Paf. Will he invite her on his show? “We’re going to invite him. Besides, I like him and I like what he does. We’ll see.”

Baba explains: “I congratulated Squeezie and my teams told me ‘You’re crazy, you shouldn’t have congratulated him because he tackled you a few years ago. Geraldine Maillet tries to calm the situation. “You don’t hold a grudge, anyway?”she asks. “Oh yes”answered him Cyril Hanouna, mysterious. And the star of the small screen, however, had his little personal revenge about the physique of the streamer: “He’s really small. Small-small. Small like Kelly.” Something to react Gilles Verdez : “Oh, you’re starting to tackle him again!” A story without end ?

Cyril Hanouna ignites TPMP

In the same program broadcast on Monday, Cyril Hanouna ignited the C8 board. The King of Paf has taken care of his entrance, under the song Light the fire of Johnny Hallyday which he performed at the microphone. The host even climbed on the columnists’ table, like a star, Geraldine Maillet and his cronies taking out their cell phones to immortalize this sequence.

“You are announced at the Stade de France, is it true?”request Guillaume Genton. And the show is not over… Bianca and Lino’s dad then launches the tube You can leave your hat wave Joe Cocker. The famous striptease song. And to share the stage with him, he proposed (unsurprisingly)…. to Danielle Moreau to join him!

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