Cyril Hanouna: the host will realize his dream

Cyril Hanouna will soon realize one of his dreams, as he announced on the program Touche pas à mon poste this Friday, February 25.

Good news. Cyril Hanouna is an iconic television host. He is on the air daily with his program Touche pas à mon poste, broadcast on C8. He deals with current events, receives many guests who come to tell their story and does not hesitate to evoke the private life of its columnists but also its own. He has many projects in his head and in particular a dream, which he will soon realize. This Friday, February 25, Cyril Hanouna spoke about his show, Face à Baba. In it, he receives a political personality, candidate in the next presidential elections. While explaining the reason for the cancellation of the arrival of Valérie Pécresse on March 3, the presenter announced good news to viewers. “Little scoop… we will be live during the presidential elections on April 10 and 24“, he first announced. “They will be two special broadcasts with the results of the first round and of course, the second round“, he continued. Regarding the meeting time, Cyril Hanouna explains: “From 7 p.m. and for the whole election night of course“, he concluded.

He is delighted. On the set of his show, Cyril Hanouna cannot hide his joy. “It’s a decision we made with C8 yesterday and Lionel Stan, the general manager of H20“, he explained before affirming: “We will be there live for the elections“. Faced with the enthusiasm of his columnists, the presenter specifies: “If you want to come, you are welcome. There will also be people“. What Cyril Hanouna wishes? “Receive all the people who want to react but also all the parties since we will know who will be the finalists on the evening of April 10“, he continued. If the host is so delighted with this news, it is because he affirms that it is a “dream for me. Each time, I watch and I see the candidates scatter on television setssaying “yes you only made 2%” and there, I hope they will be on ours“, he assured. Regarding these two evenings, the emblematic presenter of C8 mentioned a “very very large program“before mentioning a”project that can arrive before April 10th. It will be three special evenings and I will tell you more next week“, he concluded. Something to make the mouths of chroniclers but also viewers.

Valérie Pécresse: why did she cancel her visit to Face à Baba?

Cyril Hanouna was to receive Valérie Pécresse on his show Face à Baba, on March 3. An invitation that the principal concerned canceled today. “Due to the international situation, Valérie Pécresse canceled her participation in Cyril Hanouna’s show, Face à Baba, on March 3“, wrote Ludovic Vigogne, journalist of the Opinion. For his part, the presenter gave explanations in his program. He first explained that he it was the fault of France 2who postponed the arrival of Marine Le Pen before specifying that it is also of the situation in Ukraine. However, the host has assured that the candidate will be present in the show Face à Baba, the “week after March 3, certainly on Monday“, he concluded.


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