Cyril Lignac: his tender reunion with this woman dear to his heart: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

After weeks of separation, Cyril Lignac has finally found Mercotte! The two acolytes saw each other again at Château Groussay in Montfort-l'Amaury, where the filming of their program The Best Pastry Chef have just resumed after being postponed due to coronavirus. Very happy to taste the pastry creations of the candidates for the ninth consecutive season and to rediscover their good old habits between two takes, the two sweet toothpicks put a smile on their faces in the park of the sublime Yvelines estate. A photo that Cyril Lignac was quick to post on Instagram adding some legendary yellow hearts emojis.

Fans of Best Pastry Chef are impatient

The snapshot immediately reacted the loyal viewers of the Six, who have been following the adventures of Mercotte and Cyril Lignac since the very first broadcast of the show in 2012. Delighted to find their two favorite cooks, many of them rave about the comments. "We will soon see you again with Mercotte it would be really great we miss you "," Look forward to seeing the new 'Best pastry chef' "," The two friends … good shooting! ", they wrote.

A shock duo

The duo Cyril Lignac / Mercotte is very popular with fans of the program, who love their complicity. Passionate about the same cooking subjects and endowed with the same humor, the two presenters immediately agreed : "We have a good laugh. He's a bit like my son, we are very close", confided Mercotte to TV Magazine in 2017. The 77-year-old juror and culinary columnist is convinced that she has discovered the secret of their success: "The pair works because we don't take ourselves too seriously. We laugh a lot."

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