Cyril Lignac panics the web: his physical transformation is not unanimous: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Cyril Lignac needed a change. Sunday September 24, 2023, he surprised his fans by revealing her brand new haircuton his Instagram account. The famous chef did not hesitate to cut your hair very very short. A bold new style that doesn’t seem to please everyone. “Frankly Cyril, I prefer you with more hair”, “Where is your hair?”, can we read for example among the many comments. Fortunately, the one who is one of the two judges of the Best pastry chef was still able to read more laudatory messages. “It’s beautiful with cut hair”, “Well, there’s no denying that, in addition to having crazy recipes, he’s a handsome guy.”. In recent months, Sophie Marceau’s former companion was more used to appearing with mid-length hair. But, the one who made himself known to the general public in 2005 with the show Yes sir ! has changed her hairstyle very often. It seems that he also had a hair transplant in 2019. However, Cyril Lignac never wanted to discuss this subject in public.

Cyril Lignac: “The profession has not always been kind to me”

Now a well-known and recognized chef, he manages to overcome the criticism he may be the target of. A job he managed to do when he was the victim of a serious scooter accident on November 17, 2016. As he was leaving the inauguration of his new restaurant Le Bar des Prés in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, he was hit by a car which allegedly blew his right of way. He had been seriously injured in his left leg. He had a double closed fracture of the tibia and fibula and had to rest for many months. A time that allowed him to take a step back from his situation. “The profession has not always been kind to me. During my convalescence, I reflected a lot after twelve years at full tilt. Today, I do my job to please customers and myself. The rest I learned to ignore. What matters is that people are happy.”he confided in the columns of The OfficialMarch 3, 2017.

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