Dahmer on Netflix: anger of a family member of one of the victims against the series

Indignant, a family member of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims criticizes the Netflix series “Dahmer” for capitalizing on the suffering of loved ones.

Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the series Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer reconstructs the case of the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”. In total, 17 men were killed by the criminal between 1978 and 1991. Actor Evan Peters brilliantly embodies this man who lured his victims to his home before drugging them, killing them and dismembering them.

On Netflix, the project attracts many curious people. In the avalanche of reactions, one testimony stands out: that of the cousin of Errol Lindsey, the eleventh victim of Jeffrey Dahmer. Aged 19, the young man was killed on July 23, 1991. His sister, Rita Isbell, was present at the time of the trial and let her anger explode in front of the criminal.

Poignant, this moment is broadcast on American channels at the time. In episode 8 this sequence is recreated identically. A comparison between the archive images and the series has even been seen by millions of Internet users.


The trial scene, recreated in detail in episode 8.

It was through this comparison that the cousin of Errol Lindsay and Rita Isbell shared his outrage on Twitter: “It’s not for me to dictate what you watch, I know true crime is hot right now, but if you’re genuinely curious about the fate of the victims, my family, the Isbells, are angry at this series.”

He pursues : “It’s the same trauma over and over again. All this for what ? How many films, series and documentaries do we need? To recreate my cousin’s fit of rage at the trial against the man who tortured and killed her brother is crazy. It’s crazy.”

In two other posted messages, the man, named Eric, explains that the family is not notified, nor paid for the use of these images which belong to the public archives. “My family discovered it at the same time as the others”, he explains.

So when they say they do it “with respect for the victims” and to “honor the dignity of the families”, nobody warns them.he insists. My cousins ​​wake up every three months with calls, texts, and they don’t know there’s another Dahmer fic. It’s cruel.”

Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is available on Netflix.

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