Daily: Thomas Pesquet reveals the unglamorous backstage of the ISS

For the first time since the end of his second mission aboard the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet visited a television set, in this case that of Day-to-day. The opportunity for the astronaut to reveal behind the scenes, sometimes bleak, of his trip.

For a little while, Thomas Pesquet no longer answered. The one who has become the second favorite personality of the French since his trip to space had indeed walled in silence, with his precious memories in mind. And he found his way back to work in Houston, Texas, and his good and bad sides. A daily routine a little more routine than that of admiring the stars up close. It is therefore with great pleasure that astronomy fans were able to find the brilliant Rouen native on the set of Day-to-day, him whose last interview dated back to November 19, in Laurent Delahousse’s diary on France 2. The opportunity for Yann Barthès’ team to ask him all possible and imaginable questions about his six-month mission and his return to Earth.

“We were in the closed for a very long time”

And one thing caught the attention of the big Michael Jordan fan when he left the capsule: the smell of cleanliness. While this journey is usually subject to consequences on bone mass and physical abilities, it is one of the six senses that the idol of young astronauts has lost somewhere in the galaxy. “We feel that people have washed, have deodorant, smell of laundry because we were in the closed for a very long time”, he explained on the set, not unhappy with this “kind of fresh air” welcome. Because cohabitation in a vacuum would not only have positive virtues. “It smells mostly musty, we lose our olfactory sense a little because we have fluids that diffuse differently, a bit as if we had a cold. So we don’t really feel what’s going on in the ISS and I think that’s good”, underlined the insatiable traveler, who would like to put his nose to the window of a capsule again. Moon objective for the astronomer Tintin?

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