Dakar TER: Senegal 0, SNCF 1, pending extensions…

The superb Dakar station built in 1914 serves as the terminus for the new TER. Setter

INVESTIGATION – A year after its inauguration, the Dakar TER operated by the SNCF is very behind on its financial objectives but also in terms of attendance. Overview of a cacophony as only France has the secret.

A year ago, the SNCF opened the first African TER in Dakar. Guillaume Pepy, the former boss of the SNCF, had indeed an objective: to achieve internationally 30% of the turnover of the SNCF house. The realization was carried out in record time after the abandonment of the RATP which also coveted this Dakar network. This is because Elisabeth Borne, at the time at the head of the RATP, hoped to make this project her showcase as part of the opening up to competition, especially since the company did not operate any TER in France. An ambition not pursued by the one who succeeded him at the head of the Régie. But the Dakar train was just as important for the projects…

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