D’Amelio’s family chasing after Kardashian stardom

After starting his business career, Marc D’Amelio, 52, tried his hand at politics. In 2018, this American tried to snatch a seat in the Connecticut General Assembly. In vain. Here he became manager of his own daughters, Charli and Dixie, 17 and 20 years old.

In 2019, the two sisters started posting dance videos on the TikTok social network. Their success was dazzling, so much so that to date they have accumulated 176 million subscribers on the platform: 123 million for Charli – the most popular social network account with 732 million active users in 2020 – and 54 million for Dixie.

The family, complete with the mother, Heidi – who says to be a former model, even if it is very difficult to find any trace of her time in the profession -, settled permanently in Los Angeles in December 2020. A move that has all of a professional bet. Indeed, the streaming platform Hulu, owned by Disney, is preparing to broadcast, from September 3, a reality TV show, “The D’Amelio Show”, promising to reveal the underside of their news. life in the City of Angels, the heart of theentertainment.

Charli’s choreographies

Enough to record the birth of a new family reality TV, when “The Incredible Kardashian Family” just ended in June, based on the daily life of this Californian family, which has become, in twenty seasons, a social phenomenon. and social networks, the best known of which, Kim, has just entered the ranking of billionaires established by Forbes. After the Kardashians, inseparable from Instagram, a generation of D’Amelio is emerging, and she was born on TikTok.

The similarities between the two clans are not lacking. Because, with the Kardashians as with the D’Amelios, we become famous as a family. While relatively unknown to the general public, the former were able to capitalize on the unauthorized broadcast of an intimate video of Kim, in February 2007, to launch, eight months later, their family reality TV show. For the D’Amelios, it was Charli’s choreography that lit the fuse of fame. After Dixie, parents have also signed up for the platform, where they have 10 million and 9 million subscribers respectively.

And, while waiting for the broadcast of their show, they do not hesitate to stage themselves. On their YouTube channel, The D’Amelio Family, they unveiled, in November 2020, the concept Dinner with the D’Amelios. Reunited in their Californian residence, they share a meal with a celebrity the youtubeur James Charles, star of makeup across the Atlantic, opened the ball – and exchange as they would in a private setting.

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