Damien and Pauline’s ceremony disrupted by an unexpected event


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Viewers were able to discover the preparations for the wedding of Damien and Pauline, in Married at first sight. The ceremony will not go as planned…

A new episode of Married at first sight was broadcast on Monday April 18, to the delight of fans of the dating show offered by M6. And the least we can say is that this one was particularly rich in emotions! Viewers were able to discover the continuation of the adventures of Damian, a 37-year-old automotive sales consultant, and Pauline, a 33-year-old private nurse, through their wedding preparations. Both, surrounded by their loved ones, have indeed tried their outfits. But once in Gibraltar, as the ceremony was about to begin, an unexpected event disrupted the course of the party…

At each wedding, shortly before the candidates make their entrance under the amazed gaze of their loved ones, the latter are invited to take their place. This is what the members of Damien’s entourage did, who arrived first. But, a twist, while Pauline’s relatives were preparing to do the same, the voiceover announced to the viewers one “unplanned event [allait] come and turn everything upside down.” And, in the teaser for the next episode, we were able to get a start of an explanation: it seems that the mother of the young woman was in the grip of an anxiety attack, just before arriving at the wedding venue. The suspense is at its height: what will happen? Will the wedding be annulled?

Damien and Pauline: 77% compatibility

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Damien and Pauline’s wedding is highly anticipated by fans of Married at first sight, because it has something new. Indeed, this is the first time that a dad has registered his son for the show. And the surprise was all the greater when he discovered that his boy had passed the casting himself! Damien was then able to discover that he had a compatibility of 77% with his bride, Pauline. After learning that he was getting married, the candidate decided to write to him a “special letter”to be opened only in the presence of his father.

And, this Monday, viewers were able to discover the content of this famous missive. Between the lines, the thirty-something exposed the sincerity of his approach and confided that he very much hoped that the two families would soon become one. Next, he asked the young woman’s dad if he would agree to give him his daughter’s handin which case, he had to give her the ring he had specially chosen for her and which was attached to the letter… An initiative that greatly moved Pauline’s family.

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