Dance with the stars: New candidate eliminated, big disagreement between the jurors when deliberating

Dance with the stars was back this Friday, September 30 on TF1 for a fourth issue. After the eliminations of David Douillet and Katrina Patchett, Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois as well as Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal, a new couple had to leave the competition after an evening full of surprises!

Indeed, as previously announced on social networks, Anggun, Billy Crawford, Florent Peyre, Léa Elui, Eva Queen, Carla Lazzari, Amandine Petit, Thomas Da Costa and Stéphane Legar had to provide services with their partner, but not only. A mystery dancer (or several) has each time invited himself onto the floor to surprise the couples. The discovery of their identities was done during the dance and it could be a friend, a family member or even a well-known personality.

Mystery dancers unmasked

Léa Elui and Christophe Licata
They danced to an American Smooth and the famous tiktoker ended up being joined on the floor by DanielleLea’s grandmother.

Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois
It had the word “chef” as a clue, which hinted that it could be a co-star of the comedian from the cast Here it all starts. It was indeed his colleague Pola.

Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot
They had to dance with”a well-known celebrity“. The clues were: “an island“, a mic and the words “awards” and “star Academy“. The mystery dancer was his wife Coleen.

Ines Vandamme and Florent Peyre
The duo found a person from the world of comedy, it was his wife Virginia Stref.

Stephane Legar and Calisson Goasdoue
On a tango, they were accompanied by a relative of the singer on the last twenty seconds of the choreography: Keen’V.

Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette
Their mystery dancer had a connection with the word “chicken”. It was: his father Jean-Luc.

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy
The duo was entitled to two mystery dancers. “We are two but we have formed one“, they said. The singer discovered that they were the winners of season 4: Alizée and Gregoire Lyonnet.

Eva and Jordan Mouillerac
They delivered a performance on a chacha with a personality from reality TV: his sister Jazz.

Anggun and Adrien Caby
They, for their part, found themselves on stage “someone who is bilingual“. It was about Jean-Marc Genereux.

Head to head and elimination

Léa Elui and Christophe Licata as well as’Eva and Jordan Mouillerac and Thomas DaCosta and Elsa Wood less convinced the jurors Chris Marques, Bilal Hassani, François Alu and Marie-Agnès Gillot. They thus found themselves face to face. The duos took turns dancing to the same title before being decided for the first time by the votes of the public, who decided to save Thomas DaCosta and Elsa Wood. The judges then made the decision to maintain in the adventure Léa Elui and Christophe Licata. So these are Eva and Jordan Mouillerac and Thomas DaCosta who have been eliminated from the competition this week. They were obviously very disappointed when they learned of this decision, when the votes were very tight. See you next week for the rest of the competition!

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