Dancing with the stars: Was Carla Lazzari really at a disadvantage in the final?

Internet users still have Carla Lazzari’s paso doble in the throat during the final of Dancing with the stars. Was the candidate really at a disadvantage?

This Friday, November 11, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of season 12 of Dance with the stars. The last stage of a ten-week long competition marked by a change of jury and casting, injuries, doubts, tensions and mind-blowing choreographies for the greatest delight of viewers. The jurors did not all speak with the same voice, Chris Marques and François Alu having struggled to tune their violins in the face of the candidates’ performances. The dancers had set the bar high, in particular Billy Crawford, the favorite of this season 12 who managed to fight his way to the final despite suffering from painful lumbago. Lorie’s former companion faced two other “seasoned” candidates last night: Stéphane Legar and Carla Lazzari. With his 38 points, the star of Israeli-Togolese origin was the first to leave the floor, leaving the 17-year-old singer alone with a paso doble. An injustice according to many Internet users disgruntled, after watching Billy Crawford and Stéphane Legard land freestyles as a last dance.

Social networks were indeed on fire last night. “We see you giving a freestyle to others but on the other hand Carla has a paso“, “Why Carla has a specific dance while the other two have a freestyle?“, “Why does Carla have a paso??? And not the other two couples??? It is unfair ! All finalists should have the same dance theme to make it fair!“, we could read on Twitter. On set, impossible to have the slightest explanation. Camille Combal was content to introduce Carla Lazzari on the floor, without giving any argument. Was it a personal choice or a decision imposed by a third party? The mystery still hovers at this hour. Anyway, Carla Lazzari seemed to have recovered from her heavy fall a few weeks ago. The singer impressed Marie-Agnès Gillot, while Chris Marques, more enthusiastic than ever, offered a nice compliment: “You really are a crazy finalist“. A paso doble also greeted with fervor by Bilal Hassani: “It was magic, you hypnotized us. It’s your best dance“. Carla Lazzari unfortunately did not win her last duel with Billy Crawford, the big winner of season 12.

This rare confidence of Carla Lazzari about Dancing with the stars

A few hours before facing her opponents, Carla Lazzari told her followers to be “very stressed” by the final. Discovered thanks to Eurovision Junior, the singer wanted to show that she had “exchange“, as she affirmed in the columns of the Parisian last September. A successful bet according to his incredible track record throughout season 12. This adventure made me grow and made me see things differently for the rest of my career, she revealed to HuffPost just before the final. I surprised myself mentally, I didn’t think I could do that. The learning was very intense. And to add:There was a lot of kindness around me. It is above all a human adventure.“A performance nourished by her work with her partner, the dancer Pierre Mauduy, who guided her throughout this adventure. Carla Lazzari was also able to count on the unfailing support of his family miles from the TF1 set. “Even if I am geographically far from them, I feel their support and their desire that I do better when they look at me.” After Dancing with the Stars, the singer is about to begin the tour of her third album, and confides that she is thinking of “include dance more regularly in [sa] artistic life, [ses] clips and [ses] shows.

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