Danger of social imbalance: trade union federation criticizes climate policy

Danger of social imbalance
Trade union federation criticizes climate policy

After the Federal Constitutional Court declared the federal government’s climate law unconstitutional, the law is due to be passed next week. The trade union federation sees a danger in this: the tightened climate targets could lead to “new challenges for the economy”.

The German Trade Union Federation (DGB) warns of a social imbalance in view of the federal government’s climate strategy. “Tightening the climate goals without focusing more precisely on implementation and impact assessment is by no means sufficient. That way, a social imbalance is risked,” said DGB board member Stefan Körzell. Germany quickly needs a climate protection package that, in addition to climate-neutral infrastructure, also promotes employment and good work. The desired tightening of the climate targets will “significantly accelerate structural change in almost all areas of the economy, which will lead to new and as yet unforeseeable challenges for society and the economy,” said Körzell. If the federal government does not succeed in cushioning “negative distributional effects”, more climate protection will not find broad acceptance among the population.

For this reason too, Körzell warned that the planned climate law, which is to be passed in the week beginning this Monday, should be significantly improved in the parliamentary procedure. Everything else is “irresponsible,” he said.

In the coming week, the Bundestag and Bundesrat want to finally deal with the federal government’s amended Federal Climate Protection Act. It stipulates stricter annual limits on the emission of greenhouse gases and the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045 – i.e. only emitting as many climate-damaging gases as can be bound again.

An emergency program with measures should also be passed by the cabinet on Wednesday. Before that, the Bundestag’s Environment Committee wants to hold a public hearing on Monday to deal with the changed climate law. In addition to the DGB, scientists and environmental associations will also submit statements on the amendment of the legislative package.