Danger of terrorist attacks: Nouripour: “Noise” in the Islamist scene is getting louder

Danger of terrorist attacks
Nouripour: “Basic noise” in the Islamist scene is getting louder

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The number of bomb threats has risen rapidly since the Israel-Gaza war began on October 7th. Green Party leader Nouripour therefore warns of an increased threat of terrorism in Germany and calls for an improvement in the defense against terrorism. You can see how the “Islamists are turning up the heat,” said the politician.

Green Party leader Omid Nouripour has warned of a growing risk of attacks in Germany and called for security authorities to be strengthened. “We have to noticeably increase the capabilities of the police and intelligence services. This applies to personnel as well as equipment,” Nouripour told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “This requires a nationwide effort. The federal and state governments should get together quickly and find solutions. We need a push to improve the defense against terrorism,” he said.

The Green Party’s federal chairman warned that the “ground noise” in the Islamist scene was becoming louder and that tension was increasing. “You see how the Islamists are turning up the heat, how they are spreading propaganda and inciting young people to violence,” said Nouripour. He emphasized that the highest level of attention from politicians and security authorities is required here.

Since Hamas’ major attack on Israel on October 7 and Israel’s subsequent retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip, there have been riots at pro-Palestinian demonstrations and anti-Semitic incidents in Germany. An Islamist who is said to have planned an attack on pro-Israel demonstrations was arrested in Duisburg on Tuesday. Incendiary devices were hurled at a synagogue in Berlin last week.

Several bomb threats have also been reported nationwide since Friday last week, with a particular focus on schools. The authors are unknown and the background is unclear. According to media research, cybercriminals could be behind the letters. In some cases, the letters made references to the Islamist Hamas and the Israel-Gaza war, but the war of aggression against Ukraine was also discussed.

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