Daniel Aminati: “We’ll know next week what’s going to happen”

Daniel Aminati
“We’ll know next week what’s next”

Daniel Aminati (49) and Patrice Eva (29) have been married for a year, their daughter Charly Malika was born in August last year

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Moderator Daniel Aminati is worried about his wife Patrice: The 29-year-old has cancer and already has metastases. She needs lengthy therapy.

They had celebrated a wedding, had a baby, were so happy: “Taff” presenter Daniel Aminati (49) and his wife Patrice Eva (29). Then the shock diagnosis: black skin cancer was discovered in Patrice, she already has metastases. What is the couple now facing and how are they dealing with the situation?

Daniel Aminati: “I was paralyzed”

“When I found out that my wife had malignant skin cancer, I was paralyzed,” said the moderator in a conversation with “Bild”. “But there’s no point in freaking out now. My wife is alive and she will continue to be.”

The young mother couldn’t believe the diagnosis at first: “It felt almost unreal. I’m young, I’m happy, I live healthy, eat healthily, do a lot of sport. It was as if this wasn’t about me at all would.”

Patrice also writes on her Instagram page: “Now I’m saddened by the thought that my greatest wish – to have another child soon after the birth of our daughter – has to be postponed indefinitely.” It’s also a difficult situation for Aminati: “What’s really stressful: Nobody can tell you at the moment what’s really going on. It’s like driving in the fog on sight.”

This is how the treatment continues

In the coming week, the 29-year-old will have another series of examinations. “Only then will we know how to proceed. The only thing that is certain at the moment is that there will be immunotherapy.”

In order to support his wife in this difficult phase of life, Daniel Aminati canceled his planned motivational tour in May. The moderator: “Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and look ahead.” The moderator continues: “We often develop unimagined strengths when we stand with our backs to the wall. My wife has a great character and is a fighter. This situation lets us get even closer.”


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