Daniel Baldwin: He protects his brother Alec

Daniel Baldwin
He takes protection of his brother Alec

Daniel Baldwin (r.) Publicly defends his brother Alec.

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Daniel Baldwin commented on the “Rust” tragedy. His brother Alec would now be made a scapegoat after the fatal shot.

The actor Alec Baldwin (63) is made a scapegoat in the “Rust” tragedy because of his political views. At least that is the opinion of his brother Daniel Baldwin (61), who commented extensively on the radio show “The Domenick Nati Show”. He now recommends his brother not to take the blame for the fatal incident on himself.

Alec is “the big star with outspoken political opinion,” which makes him an easy target. The fact that he works for various charities is also a hit for his opponents to pursue the star “sensationally”. The people who don’t like his brother would now take advantage of the current situation: “He’s a target.”

Has Alec Baldwin made himself a criminal offense?

For many years Alec Baldwin has made no secret of his political views. During the presidency of Donald Trump (75) his dislike culminated in the exaggerated portrayal of Trump on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. Donald Trump Jr. (43), the son of the ex-president, tweeted a t-shirt shortly after the tragedy that read: “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.”

Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021) while filming the western “Rust”. Before that, he was given a prop weapon with the note that it was not loaded. Whether he himself, the assistant director and / or the responsible armorer have made themselves punishable in any way is currently the subject of investigations. Baldwin could possibly also be prosecuted as one of the responsible “Rust” producers if it can be proven that safety standards on the set were not met.


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