Daniel Beretta has left us at 77: the French voice of Schwarzenegger has died out

A great dubbing man has just left us. Comedian Daniel Beretta, 77, died on March 23, 2024. He was the official French voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is with immense sadness that we learn of the death of Daniel Beretta at the age of 77. The actor was notably known for being the French voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger since Double Détente in 1988. After Alain Dorval, Stallone’s VF, who died last February, the world of French dubbing loses another of its sacred monsters.

After studying at the Petit Conservatoire de la Chanson, Daniel Beretta began performing in cabaret as a duo with Richard de Bordeaux and gave several concerts. He then moved to theater and then to cinema, notably for A Wild Summer by Marcel Camus. We occasionally see him again on screen in The Implacable Pursuit, Don’t Wake a Sleeping Cop or Cyrano de Bergerac.

Schwarzy’s legendary VF

From 1988, he became the official French voice ofArnold Schwarzenegger in France. He will lend him his voice in 28 feature films, from Double relaxation to Terminator 2 through Last Action Hero or Batman & Robin, up to Terminator: Dark Fate. His voice then enters the ears of several generations of French-speaking fans of the Austrian-American actor.

Some emblematic characters from his rich career: the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, Drewl Spivey in True Romance or Colonel Perry from Universal Soldier.

He was also the voice of Ernie Hudson (Oz, Bones) and Rutger Hauer (True Blood). On the animation side, we can hear it in turn at Disney (Beauty and the Beast), Pixar (Toy Story 2) or Ghost in the Shell.

His death on March 23, 2024 at the age of 77 leaves a huge void in the world of French dubbing, which is losing one of its greatest voices.

The short film On s’est fait double, one of Daniel Beretta’s last performances:

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