Daniel Craig: Farewell to James Bond is “incredibly bitter”

Daniel Craig
Farewell to James Bond is “incredibly bitter”

It will be a “bitter moment” for Daniel Craig when his James Bond successor is confirmed.

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From September 30th, Daniel Craig will appear on the big screen one last time as James Bond. It was difficult for him to say goodbye.

British actor Daniel Craig (53) has said goodbye to an iconic role. He appears for the last time as a 007 secret agent in “James Bond: No Time to Die”. He made his debut with “Casino Royale”. “The role was with me for 16 years. It was unbelievable to make these films,” he said during his visit on the “Graham Norton Show”. “It’s very emotional and I’m glad I could say goodbye on my own terms.”

Craig stated that he long believed that “Specter” (2015) was his last appearance as Bond. “I’m really happy that I got the chance to come back and do ‘No Time to Die’,” said the Hollywood star on the talk show. Many of the stories have now been brought to a fitting end. He definitely misses his role now. “It will probably be an incredibly bitter moment when it is clear who will take over from me.”

Daniel Craig: Woman shouldn’t take on his role

In an interview Craig recently spoke out against casting the Bond role with a woman or a non-white man just to give these long underrepresented groups big roles. His counter-proposal: there should simply be better roles for them. And further: “Why would a woman play James Bond if there was a role for women that would be just as good?”

It only recently became clear that Craig made a lasting impression as a 007 agent: The Royal Navy has made the actor an honorary commander. The British Navy announced in a statement. Daniel Craig now has the rank that his film character James Bond has on screen. According to the Royal Navy, the filmmakers worked closely with the British Navy and the Department of Defense. For example, the warship HMS Dragon can be seen in the film.

On September 30th the new “James Bond: No Time to Die” starts in the cinemas.


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