Daniel Craig: He can’t think of a woman as James Bond

Daniel Craig
He can’t imagine a woman as James Bond

Daniel Craig in James Bond: No Time To Die.

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Will a woman become the new 007 after Daniel Craig’s last appearance in James Bond: No Time to Die? The star is against it.

After many setbacks, “James Bond: No Time to Die” will start in cinemas on September 30, 2021. The fifth and final appearance of Daniel Craig (53) as an agent in His Majesty’s Secret Service. There has been speculation about Craig’s succession for a long time. Some observers demand that for the first time no white man should take on the role of 007, but a dark-skinned man or woman. If Daniel Craig has his way, no actress will inherit his part like him in an interview with “Radio Times” explained.

The actor speaks out against casting the Bond role with a woman or a non-white man, only to give these groups, which have long been underrepresented in the cinema, big roles. His counter-proposal: “There should simply be better roles for women and colored actors”. And further: “Why would a woman play James Bond if there was a role for women that would be just as good?”

Also other bond makers against a woman than 007

Producer Barbara Broccoli (61) already has a female 007 in 2020 via Variety issued a rejection. The guardian of the Bond legacy, unlike Craig, can imagine a non-white agent: “James Bond can be any skin color, but he’s a man,” she said.

Lashana Lynch (33), who allegedly will temporarily take over deck number 007 for the retired Bond in “No Time to Die”, has no ambitions to succeed Craig. Even if she can basically imagine a female Bond.

According to Craig, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (36) should not make any claims to the role. The author and actress was hired to polish up the script of “No Time to Die”, to make it younger and more feminine. According to rumors, Waller-Bridge will become a female Indiana Jones. She plays in the fifth part of the adventure series and is said to inherit the role of Harrison Ford (79).


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