Daniel Craig: How he made it to the top earner in Hollywood

Daniel Craig
So he made it to the top earner in Hollywood

Nobody currently earns more than Daniel Craig.

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Daniel Craig is the best paid Bond actor of all time – but all doors are financially open to him next to 007.

Does anyone remember the days when Daniel Craig was proclaimed the new James Bond in 2005 and a storm of indignation broke out? Those days are clearly over now, five wacky Bond films later. Now, according to a new list of the highest salaries for upcoming projects, Craig is the undisputed leader among Hollywood stars.

For his first role as Bond in “Casino Royale”, Craig is said to have received a mere 3.2 million dollars, in 2015 according to “Forbes” for “Specter” it should have been 27 million dollars. In 2016, news made the rounds that Craig had been offered $ 150 million for two more Bond films. Since “No Time to Die” is supposed to be his last Bond, he must have turned down this offer. The latest stand is that Craig is earning $ 68 million for his Bond finals.

High time to move on

Apparently, money isn’t everything – and it’s high time Craig moved on. That said in 2015 after “Specter” in one Interview with the Guardian on the questionif he wanted to continue as 007: “I’d rather break this glass and cut my wrists. All I want is to get on.” For this, all doors are apparently open to him not only in an artistic sense: he should be a whopping 100 million dollars according to the current “Variety” ranking cash in for two planned “Knives Out” sequels from Netflix.

With that he reached the top of the financial flag even without Bond. The profitable deal with Netflix for the “Knives Out” sequels also draws from the fact that the streaming service has to use its salaries to offset the bonus that many cinema actors get on top of their salary with their participation in the films due to the number of moviegoers. The result is a sum of 100 million dollars, which Craig should now secure one, if not the top spot in the upcoming Forbes list of the highest paid actors in 2021.

Saving or bequeathing is not an option

The only question that arises is what Craig wants to do with all the money – because he doesn’t want to save or even bequeath his wealth, as he has repeatedly made clear. Just recently said in an interview with “Candis” magazine: “I don’t want to leave huge sums of money to the next generation. I think Erben is pretty tasteless.” He lives by the motto: “Get rid of it or give it away before you go.”