Daniel Donskoy: Anti-Corona Talk Show on Instagram

Daniel Donskoy (30) actually earns his money as an actor and musician. In the RTL series "Sankt Maik" he plays an imposter who pretends to be a priest, in the "Tatort" in Göttingen he plays a charismatic medical examiner. Since he is currently unable to pursue any of his occupations due to the corona pandemic, the 30-year-old is now hosting a talk show on Instagram – there is a new edition of "Lockdown Talk" every day at 7 p.m. The nice thing about it: The corona virus is taboo as a topic of conversation.

Authentic conversations with celebrities

In the past few years he has been lucky enough to meet many inspiring personalities and now he wants to introduce them to his 73,000 Instagram followers, Donskoy writes in a post. "Not the dazzling characters that you see on the screen or on the stage, but the real people." Artists from all walks of life would find it particularly difficult in the Corona crisis, which is why the actor wants to shed light on their work. Its followers can send questions in advance to the guests, which the "Sankt Maik" star receives via video chat.

Author Laura Karasek (38, "Three Wishes"), film producer Alice Brauner (54, "Crescendo") and comedian Ruth Moschner (43) are among the guests, as are actors August Wittgenstein (39, "Ku'damm 56) and Emilio Sakraya (23, "Cold Feet"), with whom Donskoy recently chatted about being alone and love, Sakraya was for a long time with "Kudamm 56" actress Sonja Gerhardt (30).

Emilio Sakraya talks about lovesickness

In matters of the heart, Sakraya had often "derailed the situation" in the past and was only wax in the hands of the other. "I had a crush on a girl and it was my fault that it didn't work out," recalls the 23-year-old. He had crushed his beloved with his love and had not noticed himself "how much I make a fool of myself." The best advice he has ever been given is that one should not run after love, Sakraya says. "Do it with passion, but don't put any pressure on it. What is due to him is what comes with it."