Daniel Martin: Meghan's make-up artist reveals makeup tips for webcam conversations

If you want to convince in video conferences, you should rely on the right make-up. These are the tips from Meghan's make-up artist Daniel Martin.

Due to the corona pandemic, numerous business meetings are still taking place via video conference. Job interviews are now often held in front of the webcam. If you want to shine, you should not only pay attention to a suitable background and the right outfit. Make-up artist Daniel Martin knows that the make-up also needs to sit. Among other things, he is responsible for Duchess Meghans (38) wedding make-up and regularly makes stars like Nina Dobrev (31, "The Vampire Diaries") or Jessica Biel (38, "The Sinner") shine.

Choose shimmering colors

The star make-up artist explains "People" what is important for webcam make-up. It starts with a mixture of primer and concealer. Actress Elisabeth Moss (37, "The Handmaid's Tale") would swear by this approach even under normal circumstances, says Martin. He mixes the pastes in the same proportions first on the back of his hand, then he creams his face with it. "You can see how it smoothes the skin, but it doesn't feel like a foundation," he adds.

The eyes follow. Since webcam images generally appear a bit darker and more populated, says Martin, it is important to use bright, shimmering colors for the make-up. To do this, he first brushes the back of his hand with a serum stick and then adds a little gold eyeshadow with his finger. He spreads the result on the movable lids so that the eyes appear larger and more radiant. He also uses the serum stick as a highlighter to emphasize the cheekbones. Rouge is not used in Martin's webcam make-up.

Style right in front of the computer

Not enough shine yet? According to the star make-up artist, the lips should also shimmer. He uses colorless gloss and matt lipstick. Again, the two products are first mixed together on the back of the hand and then placed on the lips with a fine brush. A tip from the professional: In general, he recommends putting on make-up right where the video telephony is to take place. In this way, the lighting conditions could be ideally included and the make-up adjusted accordingly. The webcam image serves as a mirror.