Daniela Büchner: "None of us is perfect"

Daniela Büchner
"None of us are perfect"

Daniela Büchner has been with Ennesto Monté since last year

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Daniela Büchner and Ennesto Monté have been a couple for a few months. However, mistakes can also occur in a young relationship.

Daniela Büchner (43) and Ennesto Monté (45, "Give me your hand") have been a couple for a few months. But even in a young relationship, sometimes not everything is pink. But anyone can make mistakes, as Danni Büchner explains on Instagram. On a picture of the couple she wrote in a comment: "We are not perfect. Neither of us. We make mistakes, we screw up, but then we forgive and look ahead."

She is his lady of the heart

Many of Büchner's followers also see it that way. One user commented: "Love always wins!" Another wish the couple "all the luck in the world". And Monté recently reported to Instagram and revealed that he had planned a "big surprise" for the lady of his heart for the upcoming Valentine's Day. The singer doesn't want to reveal this yet.

Last November it became known that Monté and Büchner are a couple. "We both wanted to enjoy these feelings for each other first, let everything come to us in peace, give us time to get to know each other better," said the 43-year-old on Instagram. However, third parties had previously made the relationship public.