Daniela Katzenberger: Support for Jenny Frankhauser after "PBB" -Aus

Jenny Frankhauser left "Celebrity Big Brother" voluntarily. Daniela Katzenberger supports her sister's decision.

Daniela Katzenberger (33) commented positively in an Instagram story on the appearance of her sister Jenny Frankhauser (27) in the "Celebrity Big Brother" house. The candidate of the Sat.1 show decided to leave the house voluntarily after breaking the rules. "Sister, I know that your heart is bleeding and you are mega sad how everything went. But: You got your ass in your pants and you took the consequences for yourself," writes Katzenberger in her story. Her sister has shown empathy and loyalty and she can look in the mirror with a good feeling every morning. "I'm very proud of you babe," ends her loving message.

"Big Brother" put Frankhauser and fellow campaigner Elene Lucia Ameur (26) on the nomination list on Tuesday because they had violated the rules of the show. Frankhauser wanted to protect the complicit and said: "I'm going to leave the 'Big Brother' house because I don't want Elene to have to go because of me. I feel guilty."