Dany Boon: an unexpected director and actress for his next film, you’ll never guess!

A big surprise came to us from the Cannes film market! Dany Boon will share the bill with Isabelle Huppert at a filmmaker more renowned for his dramas than his comedies.


While Dany Boon has just started filming his new film, Life for Real, we learn by variety that the actor will be one of the headliners of the next François Ozon!

Entitled Madeleine, this feature film will see the king of the French box office give the answer to Isabelle Huppert. Fabrice Luchini and Rebecca Marder (A young girl who is well) are also in the game.

According to Variety, this work looks like “the most ambitious” by the filmmaker since 8 women, released in 2002. We do not yet know what the film will be about, the story of which is still kept secret by François Ozon.

The director, renowned for his intense dramas (In the house, Young and pretty, A new friend, Frantz), recently distinguished himself with the moving Thanks to God, around a case of pedophilia in the Church. He also moved the public with Summer 85 and Everything went well, released last September.

Very prolific, the 54-year-old filmmaker will present Peter Von Kant, in theaters on July 6. It will be worn by Denis Ménochet and Isabelle Adjani.

The story follows famous successful director Peter Von Kant. The latter lives with his assistant Karl, whom he likes to mistreat and humiliate.

Thanks to the great actress Sidonie, he meets and falls in love with Amir, a handsome young man of modest origins. He offers to share his apartment and benefit from his support to get into the cinema.

After the release of this film, Ozon will already focus on Madeleine. He will direct for the first time Dany Boon, accustomed to pure comedy for the general public. The actor will surely make a remarkable entry into the director’s universe.

We do not yet know if Madeleine will be a Potiche-style comedy or an intense drama, a genre that would arouse people’s curiosity even more with a counter-intuitive Dany Boon. Can this future work be for the actor Ch’ti what Tchao Pantin was for Coluche?

The artist would have the opportunity to demonstrate that he is not just a comic actor. In addition Isabelle Huppert will find the director 20 years after 8 women. As for Fabrice Luchini, he has already collaborated with Ozon in Potiche and Dans la maison.

François Ozon talks about his latest film, Everything went well.

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