Daphné Bürki speaks for the first time about her breakup with Gunther Love: Current Woman The MAG

Daphne Bürki splits the armor. The TV host will have waited over a month before opening up about her breakup with Gunther Love, after eleven years of love. It's in the columns of Star TV, Saturday, January 30, 2021, that the star of the PAF made his first confidences about this unexpected separation that she announced on social networks : "I slipped a few little words about this in an Instagram post because people were starting to ask me a lot of questions. That does not prevent us from forming a very close family. I think anyway that it is better be clear about this, because the people watching you know how you are ", she says of her split from the one she met in 2009.

Saturday, December 26, 2020, Daphné Bürki, rather secret about her private life, had pained her fans by announcing the terrible news to them. She was in a relationship with Gunther Love since July 2013. She wrote these few words: "Me and my daughters (because yes for a long time now we have become a gang of girls at home, it is said …) we wish you to manage to find in the small details of life a little beauty, solidarity, love (never too much) and possibly a log banana. "

His daughters, his priority

A mother role with her daughters Hedda (daughter born from her romance with Gunther Love) and Suzanne (born from her past relationship with Travis Bürki) whom she mentioned in the columns of the magazine TV 7 Days. Last May, she no longer spoke of her companion: "I moved a year ago and I live with my two daughters, Hedda and Suzanne. The first is in fifth grade, the second in first grade. I, who had a phobia of school, had to move on. '' went back there to provide lessons at home, but it was a real pleasure to be with them. With my daughters, we played a lot of football in the garbage room! And if I played sports, it's indoors and more to clear my head than to have a bouncy butt, I don't care about that! "

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