Darius Rochebin: accused of harassment, the journalist is fixed on his fate: Current Woman The MAG

Presented as one of the flagship recruits of LCI in September 2020, Darius Rochebin did not really have time to prove himself on the antenna of the group’s news channel TF1 this season. The former star presenter of the Swiss public television JT, who was marked by the passage of Catherine Deneuve on his set, was away from the antenna LCI 6 months ago. A decision taken by the management of TF1 following the publication, in October 2020, of an article in the Swiss newspaper Time, or the journalist was accused of harassment by several people. Finally, Darius Rochebin has just been exonerated, as indicated by the RTS.

At the end of a very long external investigation commissioned by the Swiss public television channel, the one who had received a scathing response from Professor Didier Raoult during an interview was finally cleared. None of the testimonies collected leads to the conclusion of acts of sexual harassment. or psychological, personal injury or any criminal offense, ” said the RTS. On the other hand, the investigation confirmed the facts which were reproached to two other collaborators of the public channel, which have since been excluded.

Darius Rochebin soon back on the air LCI?

As a reminder, Darius Rochebin had filed a defamation complaint against the newspaper Time following the publication of the article incriminating him, which was based largely on anonymous testimony. During its removal from the antenna, the journalist went every day to the premises of LCI in order to prepare for his return on the news channel, which recently recruited a former face of BFMTV in the person of Ruth Elkrief.

For its part, the group’s management TF1 was waiting to hear the conclusions of the investigation in order to make a final decision concerning the future of its presenter. Now out of the question, Darius Rochebin should undoubtedly return to the antenna of LCI. A return “may’s beginning” would be possible according to The Parisian. “It’s hard to get him to come back as nothing happened, especially after the recent affairs around Pierre Ménès or PPDA” however estimated a face of the info channel.

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