Dark circles under the eyes: 7 treatments to check

Dark circles under the eyes?
7 treatments in the beauty check

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When the eyes play shadows, the skin wrinkles and the look looks tired: Let’s see if something can be done! Our beauty team tried it – seven treatments in a large test.

Blue shadows, brownish spots, pale depressions or swollen crescents: dark circles come in many shapes and colors. But they have one thing in common: They make us look tired or even sad. The quality of the complexion around the eyes is also decisive for a wakeful look – wrinkles, crow’s feet or the naturally thinning skin with age make it look tired.

So it’s clear that there is more than one way to get a grip on dark circles. Lymph drainage or energetic jade stones are said to work wonders on swelling. A microcurrent stick promises to encourage cells to produce more plump collagen and cover up translucent blood vessels. A whitening treatment aims to minimize periocular pigmentation (e.g. from UV rays or age spots). And if you want to iron out deep shadows, wrinkles or tear troughs, you can consider injecting hyaluronic acid in a dermatological practice. The spectrum here is wide, explains Dr. Maria Daniela Wiebels, specialist in dermatology: “Dark circles can be treated with different qualities of hyaluronic acid. There are very fine hyaluronic acids such as Skin Booster, which are distributed like a delicate cushion in the tissue, or products with more cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles, with which the area under the eyes can be literally modeled. “

And which treatments work now? We tested them all for you!

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BRIGITTE 06/2021