Dark stores: the government wants to “give mayors the possibility of prohibiting” an establishment

A draft order and decree to better regulate the installation of these warehouses has been in consultation since July.

Faced with the development ofdark blinds“, the government raises the tone. After being accused by the mayor of Paris of wanting to legalize these stores “ghosts“used by the actors of the express delivery of races (Gorillas, Getir, Flink…), the executive clarified its intentions this Thursday, by the voice of the Minister Delegate in charge of the City and Housing. “You have to regulate. We must be able to give mayors the possibility of banning or not a dark store in a neighborhood“, launched Olivier Klein on RTL.

A draft order and decree on the subject is currently being drawn up. In particular, it will have to remove the current ambiguity surrounding the status of dark stores: are they businesses or warehouses? The mayor of Paris, for example, considers them as warehouses, which allows it to consider them illegal as soon as they are established in commercial premises.

The text has been in consultation since July“Said Olivier Klein on Twitter a few days ago. His ministry ensures that local authorities and professionals will continue to be consulted at the start of the school year, to arrive at a final text in the fall. “Our proposal is to work on a decree collectively – and the work is not finished – which allows us to say what it is (a dark storeEd), and then use the power of a mayor, which is his local urban plan“, explained the minister on RTL.

The current mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) says he does not want an anarchic deployment of “dark blindsin city centers. “Above all, my proposal is not to authorize “dark stores” everywhere, it’s not at all the image I have of a city. A city, it is open, it has local shops, which bring life and light to the neighborhood, and not a closed iron curtain“, he pointed.

In full swing since the travel restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ultra-fast delivery of groceries, in 10 to 15 minutes, is currently benefiting from the legal vagueness surrounding the “dark blinds“. This has allowed these warehouses, where customer orders are prepared, to proliferate in large cities, especially in Paris, which is said to have around a hundred. The latter claim to suffer from a lack of means of regulation. What the government wants to respond to with its draft order and decree.

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