Darmanin recalls the right to the presumption of innocence

In a program on RTL, this Thursday, the new Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin recalls his "right to the presumption of innocence".

It is the most controversial arrival in French political history, for a long time. As we explained to you in another article, Gérald Darmanin, a new interior minister, is the subject of an investigation for rape. A fact that does not go by much, how to be a representative of the State when you are accused of the worst crimes: rape, sexual harassment and breach of trust.

The agency France-Presse relates the facts: Gérald Darmanin is in 2017 accused of rape by Sophie Patterson-Spatz. The latter had requested him in 2009, when he was project manager in the legal affairs department of the UMP (party which became LR), in an attempt to overturn a 2004 conviction for blackmail and malicious calls against an ex-companion .

Based on the statements reported by Sophie Patterson-Spatz, Mr. Darmanin would have dangled her support, and she would have felt compelled to "go to the pan", she would have explained this to the investigators. Gérald Darmanin admitted having had sexual intercourse with this woman, but according to him, freely consented.

"I have not commented on justice cases in general and not mine for 3 years in particular. I simply note that there have been three court decisions, two preliminary investigations have been closed without result and one dismissed by two investigating judges (…) so it seems to me that after three court decisions, you may think that I have the right to the presumption of innocence ", said Gérald Darmanin, on Thursday morning on RTL.

The Minister of the Interior even admitted to having "obviously" nothing to reproach himself for and walk "with his head held high".

In addition, he said, as soon as he took office, wrote a letter to his administration "to have no information, neither myself nor my office, about me. (…) I am at the disposal of the magistrates. (…) I would go to any summons of the examining magistrates ", he added.

For him, it is a "situation not easy to live for those who are wrongly accused", for "your family, your friends, your reputation". "The political struggle gives birth to funny things," he noted.

Initially closed without follow-up, the procedure was relaunched by the Paris Court of Appeal, which asked for new investigations in early June. "The decision rendered is a decision of form and not of substance", commented on RTL, the new minister.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said he "fully assumed" the appointment, also arguing for the presumption of innocence, says L'Obs.

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet