Dash 2 Trade presale hits $7.5 million

London, England, Wednesday November 30, 2022 – The crypto analytics and signals platform Dash 2 Trade just crossed the $7.5 million mark on the occasion of the pre-sale, barely seven weeks after the launch of the latter.

The presale is approaching its fourth and final stage, which means that there is no longer a minute to lose for investors who would like to get started.

Dash 2 Trade aims to raise a total of $13,420,000. Thus, the majority of tokens have already been sold.

The fourth stage will begin when the total reaches $8,757,000. At that time, the price of the D2T token will drop from $0.0513 to $0.0533. Once again, this proves that there is no time to waste.

Dash 2 Trade has advanced its platform launch to take advantage of renewed interest and demand for research tools to eliminate FTX meltdowns.

Investors need better analytical tools to conduct in-depth research in the interest of clearer thinking following post-FTX market conditions. Therefore, in order to generate higher returns than the current market, there is no better time to launch a product like Dash 2 Trade.

The first Dash 2 Trade product is almost ready to launch: the world’s 1st presale dashboard

An advantage of Dash 2 Trade, compared to many early-stage cryptocurrency projects, is the fact that his first product (its beta pre-sale dashboard) is almost ready to launch.

With seed funding from venture capital, the team worked hard to build a complete platform.

Features include Automated Signals, Backtesting, Auto Trading, Social Trading, Technical Indicators, Social Sentiment Analysis and many more features and metrics, all aimed at bringing traders within reach. and investors with actionable insights.

Some of these features can be found on other platforms. However, this is the first time that a platform has allowed combine all these features on a single interface.

Dash 2 Trade is not just a complete product. It also offers a new approach which manifests itself via its presales dashboard. This will be launched soon and it will be the first such product in the crypto trading market.

How does the presales dashboard work and how does it generate profits?

The presales dashboard focuses on 12 main areas of assessment to provide users with a score for the 20 or 30 crypto presales that go live each week.

Presales are important because this is the sector where the most significant capital gains are most likely to be guaranteed.

In this context, the sheer volume of questions and difficulties presented by the due diligence of projects, which by definition have little track record, can be daunting for investors.

Thus, analysis of project technology, on-chain activity, social media buzz, team experience, smart contract audit, business models and a host of other metrics and data points, using automated systems and manual checks, prove that Dash 2 Trade has crafted a reliable project to generate profit.

Dash 2 Trade offers a subscription service which offers professional level features and data. This, at a fraction of the cost compared to competing systems such as the Bloomberg terminal or a Glassnode enterprise account.

Dash 2 Trade recruits new talent to drive growth

In addition to the imminent launch of the beta version of the presales dashboard, investors are enticed by arrival of new talent in the team – a clear sign that this project is serious!

The new Head of Technology, Ilyes Kooli, joined the team recently. This, as the project continues to refine its offering, always with the aim of optimizing the ever-changing requirements of customers in the crypto space.

Mr. Kooli was previously a technical team leader at ConsenSys. ConsenSys is the Ethereum-focused blockchain lab and incubator and is arguably the industry leader.

He was also Principal Software Engineer at CocoLabs, an e-commerce services project and Principal Software Engineer at Cobania, a machine learning platform.

In other developments of the project, the new Community Manager Trevor M. joined the team.

Trevor was a video producer for Coinmarketcap and a very popular YouTuber for three years.

The experience he gained at Coinmarketcap, a leader in crypto data, analytics and communities, will undoubtedly be a great asset to the project.

In a recent AMA (Ask me Anything), Trevor said:

“I will be developing content to showcase the different features of Dash 2 Trade. We have a lot of content planned – from trader AMAs to videos showing users how to start backtesting their strategies.”

Many CEXs already want to list D2T and the growing Learn 2 Trade trading community is the launch partner

Another major success for Dash 2 Trade, the project secured the commitment of two CEX platforms – LBank and BitMart – to list the D2T token shortly after the end of the presale.

Negotiations for listing on other platforms are ongoing, stay tuned to the various Dash 2 Trade social networks for official announcements.

The willingness of centralized platforms to list the D2T token testifies to the solidity of the project. There is therefore no no need to worry about a rug pull.

In addition, the presence of platforms such as LBank and BitMart at this early stage of the project also shows that there will be more than enough liquidity to support prices, at what should be a highly anticipated launch.

Additionally, Dash 2 Trade shares many team members with Learn 2 Trade, the successful trading community that is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and has 40,000 active traders.

CEXs know that Learn 2 Trade is a launch partner of Dash 2 Trade. They can then be sure that their community of traders will be among the first to use Dash 2 Trade. Which, in turn, will boost trading on platforms where D2T is available.

Among other project news, the revamped website has been launched. The new design emphasizes presenting the pre-sale analytics dashboard with attractive screenshots and a cleaner white background.

Other elements of the new website include a features table allowing potential investors and users to quickly compare and contrast Dash 2 Trade’s feature set against competing platforms such as Cryptohopper and Maxxer, to cite just two.

Where and how to buy the D2T token?

Those who do not have an ETH-funded crypto wallet can purchase ETH with a debit or credit card directly from the site. Dash 2 Trade.

Mobile users are recommended to use the Trust Wallet crypto wallet. It will then suffice to go to the official site of the project, to connect its wallet, then to proceed to the purchase of tokens.

The Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully verified by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

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