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The Alec Baldwin affair is shaking the whole world. After the drama that killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust”, the actor’s daughter Ireland broke the silence and expressed her anger at “vile and callous” journalists .

It is a drama that has turned the entire universe of the seventh art upside down. This Thursday, October 21, the shooting of the film “Rust” turned out to be a disaster in New Mexico. The main actor of this western, Alec Baldwin, shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42. The director of “Rust”, Joel Souza, was also injured, but he was finally released from the hospital. During this accident, the actor activated a gun supposed to be dummy and blank loaded, used for the purposes of the feature film. However, the IATSE Local 44 union shared a statement, relayed by Variety, which explains that a real bullet had remained in the magazine of the weapon used on the set. Since this terrible drama, a wave of amazement and emotion has emerged. In fact, Ireland Baldwin, the actor’s daughter, broke the silence.


The wrath of a girl

It is on her Instagram account that the young woman, aged 26, wanted to support her father, but above all to denounce the immoral behavior of certain journalists. In story, she shared a message she received from a “anonymous“where it is possible to read:”I am a freelance journalist and would like to interview you. Obviously I would make it beneficial for both of us, but I know this is a sensitive time.. “It is subsequently written:”Of course you’re Alec’s daughter so anything you have to say about the situation would be important“Faced with this contact, Ireland Baldwin stepped up to the plate and lamented his behavior. The young woman vented her anger into a story.”For the handful of journalists who have contacted me, you are despicable and insensitive“, she denounced, furious, before concluding:”To everyone who gave my number, please lose it and don’t contact me anymore.

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In a second story, the young model sent his thoughts to the relatives of the victim. “My love and support goes out to the family and friends of Halyna Hutchins. I send healing thoughts to Joel Souza “, she wrote with emotion, without forgetting to give all her support to her father: “And I wish I could have hugged my daddy really tight today. “The case is still in progress, but the accidental thesis is privileged, even if the security conditions on the set are called into question.

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