Dave Bautista: He plays alongside Daniel Craig in “Knives Out” sequel

Dave Bautista
He stars alongside Daniel Craig in “Knives Out” sequel

Dave Bautista will appear in “Knives Out 2”.

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Daniel Craig becomes Detective Benoit Blanc again. Now another cast member of the “Knives Out” sequel has been determined.

Netflix will shoot two sequels to the hit movie “Knives Out” (2019). It was already known that Daniel Craig (53) would slip back into his role as detective Benoit Blanc. Now a new member has joined the cast: Dave Bautista (52, “Army of the Dead”) will play in the sequel. “Did 007 really believe that he could push me off a train and that was the end?” Jokes the US actor in an Instagram story and confirms the cast message from “Deadline”. With this, Bautista alludes to his role as Mr. Hinx in the James Bond film “Specter” (2015), in which Craig played the secret agent.

Production of the first “Knives Out” sequel is slated to begin in Greece in June. In addition to Daniel Craig, Chris Evans (39), Ana de Armas (33), Jamie Lee Curtis (62), Michael Shannon (46), Toni Collette (48), Lakeith Stanfield (29) and Christopher Plummer were in “Knives Out” (1929-2021) to see. At a cost of $ 40 million, the film grossed more than $ 311 million worldwide.