Dave Chappelle assaulted on stage in Hollywood, and helped by Jamie Foxx present in the public (VIDEO)

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday in Los Angeles by a fan at the end of his show.

An incident filmed by a spectator whose video quickly went viral on Twitter.

We can see the 48-year-old comedian being charged by a fan who tries to tackle him to the ground. Seconds later, the assailant was overpowered by security and removed from the scene. According to witnesses, Dave Chappelle did not appear traumatized by this incident, resuming his show afterwards with a touch of humor. “He was a transsexual man,” he exclaimed in reference to the accusations of transphobia expressed against him by the LGBTQ+ community for his show The Closer broadcast on Netflix.

Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock in support

Dave Chappelle also thanked actor Jamie Foxx – who was in the audience – for coming to his aid at the time of the assault. “When you have problems, Jamie Foxx will appear with a sheriff’s hat,” he laughed, inviting the comedian on stage. “I thought it was part of the show,” Jamie Foxx replied, calling Dave Chappelle a “genius.” “You are a legend, and we will never let such a thing happen,” he added.

According to the American site Page Six, Chris Rock, who was also present, came on stage to hug Dave Chappelle. “Will, is that you?”

In another video posted on Twitter, the attacker was filmed on a stretcher as he left the scene in an ambulance with a serious arm injury, following the intervention of security.

According to several witnesses, many spectators thought that this attack was part of the show. Others were shocked and very angry after witnessing this scene.

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