Dave confides in this sequel that he keeps a year after his accident

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This Saturday, March 25, Dave confided in a new issue of 50 ‘Inside, on TF1, in which he returned to his bad fall on the stairs of his apartment. A terrible event that left him scarred.

In January 2022, Dave was hospitalized after a “heavy fall at home. An accident forcing him to “cancel all commitments for the next few weeks”. At the age of 77, the singer lost consciousness and his head hit the ground. Victim of two epileptic seizures, he then fell into a coma. In the columns of Paris Match, in March 2022, if Dave explained that he did not remember anything, her husband Patrick Loiseau remembered in detail what had happened. “I heard a dull noise, he explained. At first I thought it was a plant that had fallen to the ground. I went to the living room anyway. He was there, lying on the ground, inert. I thought he was dead.” The singer’s husband then managed to put a pillow under Dave’s head, then called a friend and “warned the guards, who contacted the Samu”.

After continuing his recovery in the hospital, Dave had given his news after a major operation.I’m well taken care of but it’s not fixed yet. When you have little sores at 77, it’s not the same thing as at 17! So it’s a little more worrying but it’s not the end of a life that is coming! I was operated on the day before yesterday, it is an important operation which was successful. But, at the level of the head, it is necessary to allow time so that it resolves itself“, he had told the magazine Tele-Leisure.

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“I do not remember anything”

This Saturday, March 25, Dave made rare confidences about his accident on the show 50′ insidebroadcast from TF1. “I must have taken a wrong step and so i fell back. I fell three meters high, on my head”, he explained. Before continuing “An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I do not remember anything. I was really very lucky. I just had a four day coma in the hospital, but it could have been so much worse.”

If today, Dave is back on his feet and seems to be in great shape, the singer revealed that he still had a disabling aftereffect of this accident.. I still haven’t regained taste and smell since that fall. One of my favorite hobbies is eating. When you no longer have the taste and the smell, It’s truly sadhe confided. When you have dinner with friends, it’s for the conviviality whereas before, it was mainly for the food.” Despite everything, Dave, in eternal optimism concluded: But I hope it will come back.

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