Dave the Diver x Dredge: two aquatic games meet in a free DLC!

Dredge And Dave the Diver are games with large pixels, even if they are not independent (the first is published by Team17the second by Nexon), but they will have left their mark on the players this year and have in common A gameplay based on water, sea and seabed.

What could be more logical than what day one sees? crossover between the two titles? Recently, Dave the Diver hosted a DLC with content from Dredge, the launch trailer can be seen above. Thanks to this additional content, Dave can now pilot the boat at night and dredge strange fish at different locations in Blue Hole. During his dives, Dave can also use a drainage gun to capture new fish. Finally, at the restaurant, disturbing new customers appear, eager to taste Lovecraftian fish.

The update Dave the Diver x Dredge is already launched and completely free. Dave the Diver As a reminder, it is available on PC and Nintendo Switch, you can find prepaid cards eShop on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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