Dave: why did Marc-Olivier Fogiel encourage him to marry his companion Patrick Loiseau?

Already 51 years that Dave lives a very beautiful story with her husband, the lyricist Patrick Loiseau. However, the 77-year-old singer did not immediately hand over the ring to the man of his life. They finally agreed to take the plunge in 2019, on the good advice of Marc-Olivier Fogiel.

Dave is the happiest of men. At 77, he savors his daily life between his career in song and her beautiful love story with his companion, Patrick Loiseau. A man who has fulfilled it for many, many years and with which he somehow celebrates these golden wedding. “We haven’t been married fifty years, but we met on February 6, 1971almost fifty-one years ago”, he confided in the columns ofParis here. A longevity of which he revealed the secret. “I say in jest that I could open a marriage counseling office! The bonds in a couple are a bit like between the artist and his audience.. The keywords are to give, and to surprise, he assured. The sources of argument between us, it was the female dog and the songs. With Chance, I was more permissive than him. Now, with Clara, it’s the opposite. I really believe that you have to surprise, in the profession and in the couple“.

Dave influenced by Marc-Olivier Fogiel

Despite his great happiness with the 72 year old lyricistDave only married the latter in 2019. A wedding project that was not planned at all before the intervention of a famous friend and former presenter. “We were in a civil union. We didn’t want to get marriedhe confided. But our friend, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, advised us for administrative reasons. It was a very emotional moment, in California, but I always have a hard time when people say ‘your husband’ to me. I would have preferred another word. ‘My companion’ for example“.

The former presenter You can’t please everyone, now CEO of BFMTVis therefore at the origin of the union of the interpreter of Vanina and Patrick Loiseau. No question, however, for the ex-candidate of Mask Singer to organize a star wedding. “We are not very party. We got married on the sly, there were four of us“, he revealed on the show The secret box on France 3, in December 2019. We hope that Marc-Olivier Fogiel was at least invited!

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