David Arquette: He wants to apologize to his daughter Coco for this

David Arquette
For this he wants to apologize to his daughter Coco

Actor David Arquette in 2015 with his daughter Coco at an event

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Actor David Arquette apologizes to his 16-year-old daughter Coco for divorce from her mother, Courteney Cox.

David Arquette (49, "Pushing Daisies") wants to apologize to his daughter Coco (16). In an interview with The Guardian, the actor replied to the question, "Who do you want to apologize to most, and why?" with "With my daughter Coco, because divorces are so difficult." Arquette shares the teenage daughter with his ex-wife Courteney Cox (56, "Friends"), whom he met in 1996 on the set of the film series "Scream". In 2010, the couple divorced after 11 years of marriage.

After the very public, difficult divorce, both remained friends, as Arquette said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment last August: "We are co-parents to our 16-year-old daughter and we have a great relationship." They are friends and often communicate with each other because of their daughter.

In "Scream 5" again together in front of the camera

With "Scream 5", both actors will soon even have a new joint work project. "We met on 'Scream 1', hated each other on 'Scream 2', married on 'Scream 3' and got divorced on 'Scream 4'", Arquette describes the phases of their relationship in an interview.

There will definitely not be a romantic reunion between the two actors on "Scream 5". Courteney Cox has been in a relationship with music producer Johnny McDaid (44) since 2013 and David Arquette married his second wife Christina McLarty (33) in 2015, with whom he has two sons.