David Beckham: Ex-footballer signs million dollar deal with Disney +

David Beckham
Ex-soccer player signs million dollar deal with Disney +

David Backham was considered the best British footballer for many years and played for Real Madrid and Manchester United, among others.

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David Beckham becomes a Disney star: As reported by the British media, the ex-professional footballer signed a deal for a Disney + show.

Former British soccer star David Beckham (45) has signed a million dollar deal with streaming provider Disney +. This is reported by the British tabloid "The Sun". Beckham is to work with Disney to design a TV show that shows him with a group of young footballers from London's problematic East End.

Beckham, who also comes from a very simple background, becomes a kind of mentor for the athletes who supports them in their development. The casting is said to have already taken place and, according to the report, took place only about three kilometers away from Beckham's birthplace Leytonstone in east London.

An anonymous source also revealed that Beckham was approached by Disney and was immediately taken with the idea. For him, it's about sharing his passion for sport with young people. A broadcast date is not yet known. In the fall of 2020 it also became public that Beckham had signed a contract with Netflix for a documentary about his life. No further information has been announced for this project either.