David Friedrich: Ex- “Bachelorette” winner loves RTL editor

David Friedrich
This is the new woman by his side

David Friedrich

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David Friedrich in love: After his separation from Maxime Herbord at the beginning of the year, the former “Bachelorette” winner is back in solid hands and “happier than ever”. Now it also comes to light who the new woman at his side is about.

His relationship with Jessica Paszka, 31, did not last too long after filming for the RTL dome format “Die Bachelorette”. And also the love for the “Bachelor” candidate Maxime Herbord, 27, should not last. After about two years of relationship, the couple separated earlier this year. While Maxime went hunting for men just a few months later as the “Bachelorette” of this year’s season, David Friedrich, 31, seems to have found his love happiness far away from the cameras.

David Friedrich: “She sees me”

When asked by a fan whether the musician was back in firm hands, he replied via Instagram story: “Yes, and happier than ever.” A little swipe at his two ex-girlfriends? With his new girlfriend, David seems to have landed a real six in the lottery. “I am absolutely grateful for this person who gives me unconditional love and shows that no day is wasted – and one should never give up,” he enthuses. And further: “She sees me. The real one. I love her for that.”

David Friedrich grants a glimpse of his new girlfriend for the first time.

David Friedrich grants a glimpse of his new girlfriend for the first time.

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Two photos he shares show him with his loved one in his arms on a beach. He smiles happily at the camera, she hugs her face against his shoulder. All you can see is the young woman’s blond, streaked hair, her face turned away.

David Friedrich loves the RTL editor

But now the game of hide and seek has come to an end. Just one day after the official confirmation of his new love, David reveals that his chosen one is RTL editor Sina. “I’ve known my new girlfriend a little longer,” he told the broadcaster. When they conducted interviews together, the two noticed that they got along well, but they parted ways again after filming. After the relationship with Maxime, however, a meeting came back through a good friend. “And then you noticed pretty quickly that you were on the same wavelength and that you shared a lot of things and that was a great hold for me in life.”

That the 31-year-old is now madly in love with his Sina couldn’t be more obvious. “I love Sina’s humorous manner, her absolutely cheerful attitude as well as her openness and honesty. Her big heart and good nature without any counter-expectation,” he enthuses about his loved one.

No happy ending for Ex Maxime and Raphael

The search for great love on TV for ex-girlfriend Maxime seems to have found a less happy ending. As it is now known, she and her “Bachelorette” winner Raphael Fasching should go their separate ways just a few weeks after the show’s finale.

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