David Guillod: The Hollywood producer is accused of rape


Four women accuse "Atomic Blonde" producer David Guillod of raping or sexually assaulting her.

Hollywood producer David Guillod (53) is suspected of raping four women not known by name or of being sexually assaulted. The 53-year-old confronted the authorities in Santa Barbara, California, on Monday (June 22), according to the Los Angeles Times. He was accompanied by his lawyer.

Guillod is accused of several sex crimes. Among other things, he is accused of rape, sexual assault and kidnapping for the purpose of abuse. The incidents are said to have occurred in 2012, 2014 and 2015, according to the Los Angeles Times. According to his lawyer, Guillod has so far rejected all allegations.

He faces a long prison sentence

Guillod was taken into police custody on Monday. The bail for his release was set at three million US dollars, equivalent to around 2.7 million euros. If he is convicted, he faces a long prison sentence.

Guillod was involved in the film "Atomic Blond" with Charlize Theron (44) in 2017. The 53-year-old had also recently produced the Netflix flick "Tyler Rake: Extraction" with Chris Hemsworth (36).