David Lisnard, the asset of LR candidates

Edward Roux
special envoy to Castres


President of the Association of Mayors of France, he is the man who rises to the right and who boosts the morale of LR candidates for the legislative elections. If he does not want the presidency of the party, the elected representative of Cannes sees far.

On the posters of the candidates for deputy, a face captures the attention: Guilhem Carayon. Hollywood smile, teasing eyebrows, frank gaze, this 23-year-old young man, son of former deputy Bernard Carayon, is incubated by the leaders of LR. After Xavier Bertrand and Laurent Wauquiez, he received David Lisnard in Castres.

“It’s not my office,” jokes the president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) as he opens the door. A cabin suitcase is lying next to his chair: “I’m touring France for the AMF. I have seen hundreds of mayors. “Appreciated – and feared – by the caciques of the party, adored by the militants, he is one of the few to be claimed by the candidates for the legislative elections. And even if the presidential fiasco – “everyone played the game, we stayed united” – is a stain, between staying or leaving, this Clash fan chose: “The LRs are useful for democracy. What counts is not the interest of the right, but of democracy. We can create an offer, a break with the statist approach. »

What’s next after this ad

Appreciated – and feared – by the caciques of the party, David Lisnard is adored by the militants

The presidency of the party, he “does not [s]I don’t position”, praising in passing Laurent Wauquiez, “someone very intelligent, above the lot”. Because, for David Lisnard, it is the foundations of the right that need to be reviewed: “I try to alternate practice and thought. We are practitioners”, he explains, before adding: “With my New Energy party, I have a fairly clear vision of my convictions and the legislative elections are a first step in redefining a corpus. We need a public order with a clear sovereign policy. »

The mayor of Cannes castigates the “government [qui] worldly populism”, “forty years of social-statism”, and “the State which interferes in everything but which is weak, especially with justice and access to healthcare”, also targeting “the far left which depresses young people. “But between all these criticisms, it is education that David Lisnard wants to save: “The main problem is education. In France we are in the countries which spend the most per capita on hospitals and education, but with mediocre results which are deteriorating. In Cannes, the Ukrainians are not top of the class, we are the bottom of the European class! »

Half an hour later, the mayor shares a coffee with Guilhem Carayon. The youngster will try, on June 12, to beat the outgoing LREM deputy, Jean Terlier. “I call on those who voted Lassalle, Zemmour, Le Pen and those disappointed with Macron: don’t run away. I am facing a Playmobil deputy and I embody a counter-power to Emmanuel Macron”, declares the candidate who is betting on his slogan “Work, security, rurality” to win. David Lisnard approves of his foal and wants to believe in a good surprise in the 3rd district of Tarn.

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