Dax still has catching up potential: "Dream constellation" for new course records

Dax still has catching up potential
"Dream constellation" for new course records

The German stock market fell slightly on a weekly basis. But the future prospects are good. Experts see two main reasons for this. In the coming weeks, economic data and a new flood of company balance sheets will keep stockbrokers on their toes.

According to experts, the record hunt for Dow Jones, Dax & Co. is not over yet. "Our optimism is based in particular on the expectation of persistently low interest rates in combination with increasing economic growth," explains analyst Frank Wohlgemuth from the National Bank in Essen. "This combination represents a dream constellation for the global stock markets."

Dax 14,049.89

The hoped-for upward momentum is not yet developing with German stocks, says analyst Jochen Stanzl from online broker CMC Markets. "The problems in this country frighten more and more potential buyers who are necessary for the rally to continue." The slow corona mass vaccinations in the European Union and the more contagious variants of the corona pathogen unsettled investors.

Against this background, the Dax climbed to a record high of 14,169.49 points in the past few days. On a weekly basis, however, he lost just under a percent. Even at the start of the new week, the leading German index will probably not make any big jumps because the world's leading stock exchange in New York will be closed on Monday due to a US holiday.

US retail data and ZEW index at a glance

In terms of economic data, the stock exchange traders focus on the US retail sales on Wednesday. Thanks to the government corona aid decided in December, he expects an increase of two percent, predicts Commerzbank analyst Christoph Weil. This is almost three times the average. Private consumption is considered to be the mainstay of the world's largest economy.

On Tuesday the ZEW index Information about the mood of the German stock market professionals. Analysts hardly expect any changes here. The mood barometers will follow on Friday German and European purchasing managers. The service sectors not directly affected by the lockdowns continued to develop quite robustly, estimates Commerzbank analyst Christoph Weil. "The purchasing managers' index for industry should confirm the continued recovery in this area, even if the pace slows down somewhat."

The accounting season continues – the expiry date precedes

At the same time, a new flood of company balance sheets is keeping investors busy. The "Nivea" manufacturers put out of the Dax in the new week Beiersdorf, the automaker Daimler and the insurer alliance their business figures. The US retailers, among others, open abroad Walmart and the French vehicle manufacturer Renault their books.

Regardless of this, options on indices and individual stocks expire on Friday. On this date, stock prices usually fluctuate sharply because investors want to move the prices of the securities on which they hold derivatives in a direction that is favorable to them.