Day of the Devs: Beastieball, Seasalt Chronicles, Helskate, Hauntii… full of revelations, trailers and dates for tomorrow’s indie hits!

It is now a tradition: immediately after the broadcast of the Summer Game Fest Live 2023we were able to find another presentation supported by Double Fine Productions dedicated to the independent scene. Several announcements made during the event Day of the Devs have nothing to envy to those of the main party, so here is a quick summary.

Wishes Unlimitedcreator of the excellent Chicory: A Colorful Talefound beastie balla turn-based role-playing game that can be described as a Pokemon where volleyball replaces fighting. It is planned for 2024, for the moment only on PC.

Train a sports team of Beasties in this turn-based volleyball RPG!

The Beasties’ teamwork is enhanced by the relationships they form together. Whether they become BESTIES, PARTNERS, RIVALS, or LOVERS, they’ll get a powerful combo move unique to each match, capable of turning the tide in a tough match!

Explore an open world and meet a diverse cast of ranked trainers, each with their own story. You will have to defeat them and increase your ranking if you want to participate in the CROWN SERIES.

Bosses are all revealed on your map from the start and can be defeated in any order. With each one you beat, the others get stronger, so no matter which direction you take, you’ll have a tough and exciting climb to the top.

Play sports in strategic turn-based encounters on a tiny tactical grid. When you have the ball, you have several actions to perform and set up for a devastating attack. When the other team has the ball, you will have to anticipate their attack and play defensively.

Each Beastie has unique traits, strengths and weaknesses and they have many ways to work together, bringing great depth and strategy to every match.

There’s more to Beastieball League than playing sports, as you’ll find out through the unfolding plot. You’ll meet friends, rivals, corporate sponsors and even a mysterious sports king with big ambitions…

Hyper Light Breakerthe spiritual successor of Hyper Light Drifter in a world to be explored in 3D, was entitled to a new presentation, but still no release date.

iam8bit And stonesekip revealed Simpler Timesa relaxing adventure game around the theme of remembrance planned for PC.

In Simpler Times, you step into the shoes of Taina as she prepares to leave her childhood home and begin the next chapter of her life. Relive her memories and discover how she became the creative and expressive person she became. It is a contemplative and comfortable experience. There is no score, no timer, no fight, no failure and no anxiety. Just vibrations.

The perspective-based puzzle game Viewfinder was dated July 18 on PC and PlayStation 5. A demo is already available on PS5, and will be accessible from June 19 to 26 on Steam under the Steam NextFest.

Already revealed by its independent developer Leo Dasso last year, Haunti was entitled to a more complete trailer to reveal its dark and fascinating universe in which we will live an adventure made of puzzles and ghostly powers. It will be available in 2024 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Switch.

Eternity. A place that exists outside of space, where all souls eventually come together. No ghost can truly die in eternity, but all can be misguided, corrupted into hellish versions of their old selves. A mysterious race of glowing creatures, known as the Eternians, guide lost souls to an eerie central tower where they seem to ascend to a higher level. They look like angels, but no one really knows who they are or where they come from.

As Hauntii, you will traverse this mysterious world – using your ghostly powers to possess both its inhabitants and the environment itself, leading to a wide range of solutions for combat and puzzle scenarios.

Cart Lifea social survival game in a pixelated universe in the making for almost 10 years by Richard Hofmeier, has been presented in a new trailerbut still has no release date.

Cart Life is a story-driven life simulation starring three street vendors in a small town in the western United States. Guide their new ventures by selling newspapers, coffee, and bagels. Settle in, manage your budget, serve your customers, and try to survive. Make every decision count.

Phantom Coast found Helskatean action game roguelite with skate combos in an offbeat and infernal universe, planned for PC.

Helskate is a skateboard roguelite action game. Grind, perform tricks and chain combos to power up your attacks and slay the creatures of Vertheim. Combine and upgrade different weapons and gear to suit your playstyle as you fight, die, and come back time after time in this hellish maze!

The cute and disturbing Henry Halfheadan action and platform game featuring a half-head capable of controlling objects in its environment, was treated to a trailer by gameplay.

The space puzzle adventure game cocoonby veterans of Playdeadwas also present with a trailer focusing on its game mechanics, but still has no release date. It has been confirmed to release on PS4 and PS5 in addition to its previously announced PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S arrival.

The Quebec studio Impossible took advantage of the spotlight to unveil gameplay ofSummera relaxing painting game set in Montreal, coming 2024 to PC via Steam.

Land&Seacreator of Alto’s Adventurefound summer hilla narrative puzzle game about a shepherd, coming to PC via Steam.

Summerhill is a story-driven puzzle adventure game where you play as a young shepherd boy and his dog. Save your sheep, bond with your faithful dog, and delve into the mysterious and long-forgotten world that lies beyond the borders of home.

The action and flirt game Eternals is now expected for September 2023 on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Retro Gadgetstechnological object design game already available in Early Access on Steamwas treated to a special presentation at the event.

It has been confirmed that theEarly Access of Mars First Logisticsan open-world space simulation game, will debut on June 22, 2023 on PC via Steam.

An open-world space simulation game. Build mechanized rovers and transport cargo across the surface of Mars. Earn money, unlock new components and use your ingenuity to found a new Mars colony! Play solo or online co-op!

Die Gute Fabrik (Mutation) unveiled Saltsea Chroniclesnarrative adventure game around the voyages of the captain’s crew Maja. It’s coming to PC, PS5, and Switch soon.

Captain Maja’s crew must recover their own confiscated boat, and set out to rescue her. Guide its members between the islands of the postdiluvian world of “Saltsea”. Explore strange and wonderful communities, uncover a conspiracy, decide where to go and with whom to investigate, and chart your course through thick and thin, through good luck and adversity.

The sympathetic presentation ended with an unpublished interpretation of Welcome to New Caledoniathe main music of Chia. What are the games that caught your attention during this live?

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