Days Gone 2: director of the first game reveals his ideas for a sequel

Jeff Ross has it still a little bad that Days Gone did not meet the expected success. The game director, who left Bend Studio in 2020, had recently confessed that Sony viewed the title as a business failure. And even more recently, he unveiled some ideas he had in mind for a hypothetical sequel.

It is by chatting with USA Today that Jeff Ross claims that Days Gone 2 would have been the definitive version of his project, with a story around Deacon St. John and his wife Sarah, and where the player could now use the technology recovered from the NERO. The title would also have had a more dynamic and realistic environment, Jeff Ross talks about bears rummaging in trash cans, unscripted encounters with wolves and more varied and lively characters in general. Moreover, Bend Studio wanted that Deacon can swim in the first strand, a mechanic abandoned for technical reasons, but which would have appeared in this sequel.

Elements that make players salivate who have enjoyed Days gone, it must be said that the title was entitled to patches to improve the experience after launch. Corn Jeff Ross has since gone elsewhere, and Bend Studio plank on a brand new license. You can find the game at € 24.99 on Amazon.

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