DBT: DBT selected in the 1st promotion of 500 companies participating in the ETIncelles program, aiming to transform high-performance SMEs into market-leading ETIs – 11/22/2023 at 6:00 p.m.


November 22, 2023

DBT selected in 1


promotion of the 500 participating companies

to the ETIncelles program, aimed at transforming

high-performance SMEs in ETIs leaders in their markets

Brebières, November 22, 2023, 6:00 p.m. – The DBT group (Euronext Growth – ISIN code: FR0013066750 – mnemonic code: ALDBT), European expert in charging stations for electric vehicles, is proud to have been selected to integrate the ETIncelles system, an initiative of the President of the Republic who aims to best support SMEs which have the potential and the desire to become mid-caps by identifying in particular the administrative obstacles to their growth in order to better remove them and as quickly as possible.

On the occasion of the official launch of the ETIncelles program by Mr. Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, November 21, Mr. Alexandre Borgoltz, Managing Director of DBT was received at the Elysée Palace with 99 other representatives of winning companies to be presented to them the main lines of the implementation of the ETIncelles program.

The ETIncelles plan aims to grow 500 SMEs with strong growth potential by 2027, by offering them personalized support. By way of illustration, various blocking subjects were raised during the testing phase of the system, such as export aid, talent recruitment, reimbursement of various tax credits or even the complexity of the order. public. The ETIncelles plan provides in particular for the provision of a single contact at the service of the SME to help it overcome all administrative obstacles that could slow down its development.

The DBT group has joined the 1


experimental promotion launched in January 2023 and made up of 50 growth SMEs. A second promotion was completed in September 2023, integrating 50 new companies. The 100 companies supported through the ETIncelles program are evenly distributed throughout the country, covering a wide range of sectors of activity. Their presence across the territory and their sectoral diversity is intended to reflect the French economic fabric.

“On behalf of all the group’s employees, I am very proud that DBT has been integrated into the ETIincelles program from the experimental phase. DBT’s high degree of innovation and its industrial know-how favoring “made in France” were undeniable assets in this collective success. It also shows the group’s growth ambition and its desire to be a leading player in electric mobility in France. »

concludes Alexandre BORGOLTZ, General Director of DBT


Founded in 1990, DBT is an industrial group specializing in energy management for urban space development and charging systems for all electric vehicles. Originally a supplier of electrical current transformers, the group now offers 4 ranges of activities:

  • The DBT Ingénierie subsidiary offers access control and energy distribution solutions, as well as low-voltage current transformers.

  • The subsidiary DBT-CEV has been a recognized player for more than 30 years in innovative charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. The company has created a wide range of normal (3 to 8 hours), accelerated (1 to 3 hours), fast (-30 minutes) and ultra-fast (-20 minutes) charging stations. In 2018, DBT-CEV renewed 100% of its range of 7kW boxes, 7/22kW terminals and latest generation fast chargers from 50 to 150kW for all vehicles on the market, and the chargers of the future 350kW to be dispensed, and 150kW /900V for electric trucks and buses. With more than 2,500 fast chargers installed in 37 countries, DBT-CEV is a major player in the electric mobility market in Europe. Discover our range of chargers on www.dbt.fr/dbt-cev

  • The R3 subsidiary is accelerating the transition to more environmentally friendly mobility by tackling the challenges that slow down the adoption of electric vehicles: R3 provides users with a network of ultra-fast charging stations with terminals up to ‘at 150 kW. For more information on R3: www.R3-charge.fr

  • The subsidiary Educare by DBT, created in 2016, specializes in the training of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures (IRVE) and in the training of approved EV maintenance technicians.

Based in Brebières in Hauts-de-France, the DBT group has been listed on Euronext Growth since December 2015.

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