DC Studios: James Gunn details Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, the revival of the DCU in films, series and video games!

They were long overdue, these announcements from James Gunn and finally took place to close this month of January 2023. If you have not followed anything, know that following a major internal reorganization at Warner Bros. Discoverythe latter and Peter Safran were appointed to head an entity called DC Studioswhich will now handle adaptations of the DC comics. The shared cinematic universe (or not) known by the initials DCEUwill therefore be upset and reworkedand we now know the first outline of it through a video.

The objective of James Gunn and Peter Safran is therefore to ensure that the DCUs be connected between productions for cinema, television and video games! Yes, like Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with our favorite pastime added within a great story. The nuance is that them Elseworlds as The Batman by Matt Reeves or the Joker by Todd Phillips will always be possible, but well labeled under this title familiar to comic book readers. So you can go see Joker: Madness for Two with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gagaas well as The Batman – Part II with Robert Pattinson without the need to take an interest in other projects. Yes, this is indeed the new title for the latter, which will be released in theaters on October 3, 2025 and will be the second part of a trilogy.

Before reboot the Snyderverse and what resulted from it, we will still be able to find in theaters the feature films being finalized that have already been unveiled, namely Shazam! The Rage of the Gods and The Flashwhich by adapting the arc flash point will reset the counters to zero like what was done after it with The New 52. Blue Beetle and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will follow, but their canonicity with this new DCUs has not been mentioned, so we will have to wait before knowing exactly what to expect from this side.

Then comes what really interests us, namely the eight to ten year plan for the DCU, which instead of “Phases” as in the competition will start with a “Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters” (“Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters”), part of whose projects have been named. Again, an interesting detail has been explained, namely that the characters will be played or voiced by the same actors, regardless of whether it is animation or live action.

DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

  • Creature Commandos (TV/Animation) – James Gunn wrote the different episodes.
  • Waller (TV / live-action) – A series created by Christal Henry (Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (Doom Patrol) where we will follow the story of the character of Amanda Waller, still played by Viola Davis, who will have to collaborate with members of the Peacemaker team.
  • Superman Legacy (Movie) – July 11, 2025 – The true beginning of the DCU, being written by James Gunn, in which a new Superman must balance his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing.

DCU Waller 31 01 2023 DCU Superman Legacy 31 01 2023

  • Lanterns (TV/live-action) – Scheduled for HBO Max, this series will focus on the Green Lanterns, including Hal Jordan and John Stewart, being based on Earth. We’ll follow them as they do their superhero work as True Detective-style space cops, with the promise of a terrifying mystery being uncovered and tying the plot into the larger DCU setting.
  • The Authority (Movie) – Passion project for James Gunn, we will follow the characters of the Wildstorm label, who will be mixed with those of DC within a team of superheroes giving its name to the project, ready to resort to all the means necessary to repair what is wrong on Earth.
  • Paradise Lost (TV / live-action) – The island of Wonder Woman Themyscira will be at the heart of a series for HBO Max compared to Game of Thrones at the Amazons.

DCU Lanterns 31 01 2023 DCU The Authority 31 01 2023 DCU Paradise Lost 31 01 2023

  • The Brave and the Bold (Movie) – This feature film will serve as an introduction to the Batman of the DCU, and more broadly of the Bat Family, by telling us the story of the vigilante of Gotham and his son Damian Wayne (Robin), based on the run by Grant Morrison.
  • Booster Gold (TV/live-action) – Scheduled for HBO Max, this series will follow this somewhat loose character from the future, who will go back in time and use the technology of his time to become a superhero in ours, with all that that implies as a reflection around the impostor syndrome.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (Movie) – A sci-fi feature film aiming to be epic and adapting Tom King’s run (the album is sold €21 at Fnac), in which Kara Zor-El is disillusioned by having seen her loved ones perish.
  • Swamp Thing (Movie) – The marsh creature will be in the spotlight in a feature film offering a very dark horror story against a background of origin story, quite offbeat compared to other projects, while being attached to it.

DCU The Brave and the Bold 31 01 2023 DCU Booster Gold 31 01 2023DCU Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow 31 01 2023 DCU Swamp Thing 31 01 2023

As you can see, James Gunn is passionate about the world of comics DC, knows it particularly well and intends to offer something different from what has been served to us in the past. Moreover, he ended his speech by stating that the vision of the directors and screenwriters is unique, and that the narrative aspect is what matters. You will have understood it, if the promises of DC Studios are respected, these projects will not be entrusted to yes manenough to bring a breath of fresh air to our screens.

It remains to be seen how the DCUs will be available in our consoles, PC or mobiles, because it will not be an easy task knowing the time required to develop a game and all the hazards that can lengthen it.

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